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modern abstract mixed media artist who likes to pluck colours from the rainbow to produce upcycled organic original art from modern skylines to trendy animals to modern dog art ,modern cat art .trendy animals from bears to giraffes on bikes.quirky illustrations and modern abstract retro styled maps .collect yours today love it tomorrow .

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please note all art is original to bri.buckley

Are you in the house for something special.....something unique,,,something .....collectable ....well come on in ...grab a are in for a treat.........all set

Brian Buckley is an irish artist who produces original works in oils on canvas,mixed media on board and illustrations in inks and digital where expression takes hold bringing hues into a modern abstract style,creating a unique approach to art.

When he's not doing oil abstracts you will find him producing stunning yet gentle mixed media works using animals as the muse from dogs to cats, zebras,bears ,turtles in all shapes and less not forget the cows all available as originals and limited prints,and when hes not doing those he has his hands stuck in wonderful soft watercolors some abstract in nature some just glide onto a wall ....all from the one artist bet ,,,they are all bri.b~~ 's abstract and mixed media artist very collectable to you .lots of people buy collect my art either in original or in print i hope for your reason you will join me too go and look at some art and find that something special for you!!!!!!!! because without art the world is bare ..and so are your walls ...thanks for reading ..see ya
please note the fine art watermark does not stay on a print it is there for copyright purpose only .
all works belong to b.buckley and are copyright to b.buckley oxley studio.Oxley studio gallery

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richmond by Bleu Bri


cow skull by Bleu Bri


creating rainbows by Bleu Bri


college days by Bleu Bri


the astrologer 2 above the clouds by Bleu Bri


up and up by Bleu Bri


amsterdam skyline by Bleu Bri


moscow russia skyline by Bleu Bri


singapore skyline by Bleu Bri


sydney australia skyline by Bleu Bri


barcelona skyline by Bleu Bri


toledo ohio skyline by Bleu Bri


anchorage alaska skyline by Bleu Bri


seattle skyline by Bleu Bri


las vegas skyline by Bleu Bri


lincoln nebraska skyline by Bleu Bri


fresno california skyline by Bleu Bri


dallas skyline by Bleu Bri


buffalo new york skyline by Bleu Bri


atlanta georgia skyline by Bleu Bri


austin skyline by Bleu Bri


the star balloon by Bleu Bri


A good read by Bleu Bri


the great paper boat race by Bleu Bri


merry berry wood by Bleu Bri


house of bear by Bleu Bri


wizard wood by Bleu Bri


tea party by Bleu Bri


the cloud balloon by Bleu Bri


play time by Bleu Bri


the star harvesters by Bleu Bri


the headdress by Bleu Bri


the astrologer by Bleu Bri


balloon universe by Bleu Bri


world map watercolor by Bleu Bri


world map watercolor deux by Bleu Bri


nature will fins a way deux by Bleu Bri


rise by Bleu Bri


some day i'll fly away by Bleu Bri


cat and mouse by Bleu Bri


reconnaissance by Bleu Bri


road trip by Bleu Bri


by my side by Bleu Bri


rainbow creek by Bleu Bri


lost without you by Bleu Bri


the fox mobile by Bleu Bri


happy in the wilderness by Bleu Bri


that magic moment by Bleu Bri